Friday, July 20, 2007


How many great rock bands are made up of members of previous other bands? How many ancestors to great bands are there? I can think all day on this. Goes back to before Jimmy Page played with the Yardbirds, and will continue past when Chris Cornell sings and Slash plays for AudioSlave.

The Falling Walnuts are made up of Barry Schnoor, originally from Placid Quake, and Jeff Claman, of Washington Underground Singlespeed Society.

The live performances have been well documented in both video and audio form, invoking the memories of girls, bic lighters in hand, swaying out-of-beat to the music performed by these two.

The photo here is of their latest EP, "Spin the Big Ring."

RollingStone Magazine plans an interview. Stand by.


Anonymous said...

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Joel said...

I think Placid Quake is at the root of it all. Well, the Quake wasn't REALLY before the Yardbirds, but that's merely a time-space equilibrium thing. The Yardbirds were actually heavily influenced by Placid Quake (compare "Train Kept a Rollin'" to "Cry and Cry" ... the similarities are mind boggling). RollingStone Mag sure missed this one.

There's something magical about music in Blencoe, Iowa, on a hot summer night ...

Keep playing, Bro. I know, it's only rock and roll. But I like it.

nutuba said...

Mmmm, I don't think Slash played with AudioSlave ... you might have been drinking too much of that "Berry Lumber K-Norm" Cream Soda (at 10 cents a bottle, who wouldn't!) ... or maybe you're thinking of the time that Slash and Chris Cornel joined Placid Quake at the Blencoe Festival ... ah giddy times indeed.

nutuba said...

Hey, Slash doesn't play for AudioSlave yet (I think) ... Tom Morello is the axe man. Oh wait ... in fact, I think it's the case that AudioSlave is no more ... in the "where are they now" files ... and RATM is back in almost full force.