Thursday, May 31, 2007

Tribute to Placid Quake

The other day, I swear people, it was just the other day...


the other


I was chatting with Brian from Placid Quake. And he reminded me that the cyber site where Placid Quake used to reside has been taken down as part of a sting on anti-trust issues, copyright infringment stemming from the Tremor Boys' use of tight parachute pants during their 1986 Euro Tour, and innuendos of child photography...whatever that means.

So, I'm resurrecting the electronic narcissism we call blogging, out of deference to the band that was once Western Iowa's premier Rock and Roll foursome.

So join me in a shout out to boys who brought so many things to our lives: Hearing loss being just one of them.

Vic Barry - Rolling Stone Magazine

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nutuba said...

OK, I've got visions for your next great Placid Quake hit. First, the intro is the 16" DeWalt saw as it's powering up. The hum of the truss press is providing a nice bass line. And then, in something like a lumber yard version of Pink Floyd's "Money," the sound of lumber being dropped on the floor and hammers pounding away all syncs up in perfect rhythm ... the guitar solo starts when the town's noon whistle blares. Now all you need are some lyrics ...